Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gimme a ‘B’, Gimme a ‘D’

How can your cheerleaders help you to improve your business development game? There are lots of ways.

The researchers in the marketing department or library have access to tools and technology to help you discover what the most pressing industry issues and trends are that may be driving legal needs and purchases of legal services. They can keep you up to speed with information on Clients and help you identify opportunities to cross sell. They can even help you identify competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to give you an advantage in a pitch.

Additionally, as busy as they may be, the technology department is always looking for ways to help the attorneys improve their game. They are focused on utilizing and developing software and systems to help the lawyers improve efficiency, save money, be more accessible and mobile and do more with less. This can translate into profits for the firm – and benefits for business development. They are also dialed into the technology to help communicate more effectively, identify and track business development opportunities and provide superior service to existing Clients.

Finally, the marketing department is often your most enthusiastic cheerleader. They are eager to help you get out there and win more business. They have PR experts who can help get your articles into the publications that Clients are reading. They can find speaking opportunities for you at conferences and other events that Clients are attending. They can introduce you to social media outlets to enhance your reputation, showcase your expertise and make connections with prospects. Most importantly, they can help you plan a business development strategy and take your game to the next level by finding the right trainer and coach.

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