Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your CRM Resolution

So you resolve to make this the year to focus on CRM success. What a great New Year’s resolution. This will finally be the year that you'll roll the system out firm-wide… in the first quarter. You’ll put training, communication and incentive programs in place… and the sign-up lists will be overflowing with eager ‘students’. You’ll integrate with time and billing and other key firm systems … and the data will be utilized to support strategic long-term planning. You’ll input industry codes for each Client… and the data will guide targeted marketing and communication efforts.

Of course, all of the attorneys and assistants will be thrilled to participate and cooperate. They will make sure all the data they input is clean and complete. They will eagerly to add all of their contacts to lists. They will enter all their business development and marketing activities. They will have fun and productive cross selling and Client team meetings. 

Firm leaders will enthusiastically and vocally support your CRM efforts throughout the firm. They will reward you with praise, a corner office and a big, fat bonus. You will finally get to work a 40-hour week... and actually take your vacation days.

As result of your efforts, no one will say a word if the firm raises their rates because of the improved service they are now receiving… and RFPs will disappear because of the additional efficiency and value the firm is now providing… and Clients will rush to the firm's doors with suitcases of money… and zzzzzzzzz...

Wait, it appears that you may have had a bit too much champagne and drifted off prematurely before the New Year. Well wake up! This is a prime example of the reasons that New Year’s resolutions fail...  

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