Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year's CRM Resolution

It's that time again. We ring in the New Year. Pop the champagne cork. Watch the big ball fall. Catch a few fireworks. If we’re lucky, we may even get a smooch or two.

Then the next thing you know it's one-one-one-one, and it hits us: another year has passed us by. We relaxed - and were lax. We indulged - and then bulged. Now suddenly we realize that we aren't gettin' any younger… or healthier… or richer… or thinner. Time is not our friend. We have to do something.

It's pretty much the same with CRM. Over time it's easy to let things slip. We don't mandate participation because it might require some unpleasant conversations. We skimp on staffing, training or incentives to save money. We don't make the effort to promote successes. We don't spend the time it takes to clean up our data. In reality, we just weren't ready to commit to the ongoing change that CRM requires. But it’s a New Year, right?

What better time to fix all our problems than the New Year. Now is the best time to put all of our bad habits behind us and make a fresh start. This year we will spend less, eat better, watch less TV and even start working out. And this year we are really going to be able to do it... well, at least until February. 

Sound familiar? Rest assured that you are not alone. People all over the world are doing the exact same thing. You're in good company – and they will fail just about as often, unless...

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