Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Body Language and Business Development - Put Your Focus on the Client

For successful business development, your focus should always be on the Client - even when you first make eye contact.The impression you make begins the moment someone 'lays eyes' on you - so always look your potential Client in the eye. This simple technique is very important when meeting with a Client because it tells them you are paying attention to THEM and also makes them feel that you are confident and honest.

Think about it, have you ever had a conversation with someone who is constantly looking away or looking past you. It can make you feel like they are not engaged or have someplace they would rather be. But if they look directly at you, it makes you feel like you have their complete attention and interest.

The basic rule is to spend about 80 percent of the conversation looking the Client in the eye. If you focus on them less than that, it conveys that you are bored or uncomfortable or lack confidence. But you should also glance away from time to avoid staring them down during the conversation which can make you come across as too direct, dominant or forceful.

While this may seem a little challenging at first, if you simply remember to focus your eyes - and your attention - on the Client, it will become second nature and you will become a natural business developer.

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