Sunday, June 13, 2010

Achieving CRM Success - A Final Note

If at first you think that achieving CRM Success seems unattainable, perhaps you need to lower – or at least modify – your expectations. OK, by this I certainly don't mean to demean the potential of CRM. In fact, just the opposite: CRM has tremendous potential, and when it fails to meet expectations, it usually isn't the CRM system or the technology that's the problem. More often, it's the expectations that are wrong.

In the past, people often mistakenly expected CRM to be the answer to all of the firm’s problems with communication, collaboration and business development. While CRM is invaluable for enabling all of these things, it can only do so when firms are willing to commit the resources, make the changes and do the work that is required to take advantage of CRM’s potential.

So to achieve CRM Success, take your time and focus on the basics. Set a goal, achieve it, communicate success, repeat. As you do this, you will be also be providing value to the firm and the attorneys, which ultimately is how CRM success should be measured anyway. 

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